Home Styles

Home Styles in Bellevue’s Lochmoor Neighborhood:

Most homes in the Lochmoor neighborhood were built in the 1960s.  There are a wide variety of home styles, but you’ll find that most of the homes are based on a handful of distinct starting points.  The rooflines and windows of these homes are usually the distinguishing features.  A majority of the homes in Lochmoor with more than one floor are split-entry homes.  The main entry door sits on its own landing, with a half-flight of stairs up or down to the separate levels of the home.

View homes (South Lochmoor)

These homes are appointed with walls of glass, especially double-height windows filling the peaks of the home facing Lake Sammamish.  Homes built on the South side of the street generally have one-story entries, and two to three stories of view decks and patios on the back side of the home.

Shallow-sloped rooflines

These homes have an irrefutable 1960s design, with a very softly-sloping roofline.  Most of these roofs are a torch-down material, as they’re not steep enough for a standard shingle or shake applications.

Perpendicular peaks

These homes have a slightly steeper roofline, and an opposed peak on the front of the home to provide additional detail and elevation.  The entries on these homes are usually lined with tall floor-to-ceiling windows.


While these homes are still clearly 1960s-style, they’ve been appointed with a bit of an East Coast colonial feel.  Many have two-story columns, and a broad face with little architectural relief, giving them a  strong curb appeal.


There are plenty of one-story homes in Lochmoor, with the majority of them being in the North end of the neighborhood.  From brick to stone and cedar, the exteriors vary widely.

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